301F Fuser's Diamond Blade (37")
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This is a heavy duty 37" diamond blade designed for cutting thicker material such as fused glass or thick rock. This blade has coarser diamonds and a thicker base. It leaves a rougher edge than the standard blade and cannot make as sharp a turn as the standard blade.  It's advantages are that it lasts longer particularly with thick material.  It is also easier to cut straight lines due to the reduced flexibility of the blade.

These blades have a copper substrate and are recommended for all applications other than fragging coral.  For coral, please order the stardard stainless steel blades.

Note that this blade does not fit the C-40 Tall or AquaSaw XL.  For those saws, please select the 42" blade.

  • Item #: 301F

301F Fuser's Diamond Blade (37")

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