Slip-On Bit Adaptors
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Replacement Slip-On Bit 3/4" and 1" adaptors with wrench

Gryphon Slip-On grinding bits are the industry’s  easiest bits to change.  An ingeniously designed diamond coated sleeve slips over a special adapter that fits most grinders.  To change a bit, you simply lift the old bit off and slide a new bit on.  No tools or levers are required and the bit stays firmly in place until it is time to change it.  This package contains one 3/4" adaptor, one 1" adaptor and a wrench.  Slip-On bits can be used on any grinder, and replacement diamond sleeves are available in fine, standard and super-power grits and 1” and 3/4” diameters.

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Slip-On Bit Adaptors

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